Intelligent Trading Summit (ITS) London, February 2nd 2017, Hilton Tower Bridge

Australia Super funds OMS EMS

SQL Server on Linux

FX Trading: New venues

Bloomberg, again

OMS and EMS: Next moves?

Orchestra - the full-stop at the end of FIX...

FIX, FIX Engines and RHCP

Fintech agile Sales, Marketing, Product Strategy and Devops model

Microservices and Daltrey, Townshend and McLaren

OMS & FIX - a walled garden?

Excel REST API vs Ethercalc


Fixed Income Liquidity: Sovereign Wealth funds to the rescue?

Investment Banking and Innovation

4th Annual European Electronic Bond Trading Forum

Barcelona Fixed Income Leaders Summit, 9th November 2016

Openfigi+ cURL = ?

Blockchain: After the POC

TypeScript versus JavaScript for node.js development?

Hoisted by one's own petard, or, how not to debug JavaScript within Node.js

OMS: Broken business models

Windows 10: Wireless hotspot problems

SQL Server 2016 + R

Thomson Reuters, Redi, CRD and TradingScreen

Maximum effort, minimum code

MIFID2: Is MIFID2 the new Y2K?

Investment Banking: Digital Transformation

Node.js: Which IDE?

OMS: Managing Drift

Node.js: Logging

Blockchain: Voting

EMS: Staging is not an EMS

OMS and EMS: market update

EMS: Consolidation?

Starting MongoDB with Powershell and a UTC timestamp dated log file

MIFID 2, Timestamps and Rudyard Kipling

Marshmallow on Blackberry PRIV

What project risk for a tick-data project?

kdb+ versus MongoDB versus McObject versus OneTick versus...

Investment Banks and Robocop

Australia Bond Trading: Westpac and ANZ on Tradeweb

Banks and Car companies

Microsoft R Open and Microsoft R Server

Kill Switch

Blackberry Bold 9900 to Blackberry PRIV migration

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