OMS and EMS: Next moves?

Time for some crystal ball gazing, let's look at Factset. Bought Portware already but they need connectivity and an OMS.  So what should they do?
Proposal for Factset

  • Buy Ullink for the old NYFIX business
  • Buy FIX Flyer since it's a good FIX toolset
  • Buy the old McGregor business from ITG (what's left of it)
  • Buy the connectivity business from ITG and put in place a deep SLA.

  • Replace the old Appia instances with Flyer
  • Integrate and NYFIX to a new common platform
  • Integrate McGregor and Portware

The critical, most important part is: Hire a development team to build a modern SaaS, HTML5 OMS to replace McGregor


That will allow FactSet to enter the field to compete more thoroughly with Bloomberg.




  1. Last year I had the opportunity to talk to Factset CEO Phil Snow about his OMS strategy. He said he wished to buy a well known OMS but obviously this one wasn't for sale. Instead, the acquisition of CYMBA Technologies was made public some weeks later. I don't know much about their products called Athena IMS and Centurion (Compliance-Engine) and how they will integrate with Factset.

  2. If I had the opportunity to spend an hour with Phil Snow I would ask why he feels the need to buy rather than build.

    The sales cycle for an enterprise OMS deal is a lot longer than the build cycle for an MVP to deliver value initially while the product can be built out.


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