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Fixed Income Trading: New venues ( How many new Fixed Income trading venues are there? )

How many new Fixed Income trading venues are there?  [155]  A simple question came up recently in a conversation – how many new Fixed Inco...

Sunday, 24 February 2019

2nd Investment Implementation Summit, Thursday March 28, 2019, Amora Hotel Jamison Sydney

15.10-15.50 Optimising alpha: increasing and measuring trader value-add

As trading functions become more and more automated, the ability of the trading function to ‘add value’ becomes increasingly important. This session will look beyond the technicalities of execution to discuss how you can equip your traders to add maximum value from an investment implementation and alpha generation perspective.

2019 International Fixed Income Trader Forum: 6th March 2019, Vienna - EVOLUTION (OR REVOLUTION) OF SKILLSETS REQUIRED FOR TRADING DESK


Tradetech Paris 24th - 25th April 2019 "Innovation, the Italian Job, Machiavelli and 4 songs"

Talking about Innovation "Innovation, the Italian Job, Machiavelli and 4 songs"

FIX Trading Community EMEA Conference 14th March 2019

FIX Orchestra front and centre!

Graal VM: Game Changer!

A recent project for a large asset management client firm resulted in the development of a data analytics platform.  The core system used Java to ingest data in real-time, with a persistence model into anything JDBC compliant (in this case, MSSQL Server on CentOS) as well as into kdb+.  Alongside the traditional core Java are a series of components written using Python and R. As well as an HTML5 UX using JavaScript.

Wednesday, 5 September 2018

Sydney FIX Seminar: October 2018

Around the time of the FIX Conference in October 2018 in Sydney, Alignment Systems will be running a private seminar on the current state of FIX.  Admission by invitation only.  If you are based in Australia or New Zealand and would like to hear more, please get in contact by email - sydney2018 (at) alignment hyphen systems dot com

Saturday, 25 August 2018

Technology Management, Political Intuition and Jon Haidt

An ever keen reader of The Economist, your author noticed 

"Jonathan Haidt's work on political intuitions helps explain how the President enrages them. Mr Haidt argues that political intuition is like riding an elephant. The jockey, who represents reason, may think he is in charge, but he sits on top of a more powerful beast, moral intuition, that goes where it will." -- The Economist July 14th "America's Democrats" special report

Friday, 10 August 2018

ISO3166 country codes, wrapped up in a Java enum

As the title says, the ISO3166 country codes wrapped up in a Java enum. On GitHub for your coding pleasure...