What does a 21st Century Exchange matching engine look like? (part three)

In the spirit of Instant Karma...

As replicated by the charity album Help by War Child, as recounted by wikipedia:

The album's recording was inspired by the concept behind John Lennon's "Instant Karma!" – records, like newspapers, should be released as soon as they are recorded. Help was recorded on Monday, 4 September 1995, mixed on Tuesday 5th and was in shops on Saturday 9th.

Further to https://blog.alignmentsystems.com/2023/08/how.hard.can.it.be.html  and https://blog.alignment-systems.com/2023/09/well.that.escalated.quickly.html some further work...

The first iteration of the Alignment Systems matching engine was designed and built in one week.

We all shine on...

 Further enhancements have been added to

  • Allow multiple order books to exist in a horizontal scaling model, such that the system can be configured to handle increases and decreases in number of instruments traded and in quantity of orders and cancels received.  This is based upon an implementation of Kafka.
  • Provide UDP/Multicast market data
  • Implement a kill-switch
  • Implement cancel-on-disconnect
  • Counterparty configuration

The next step is building something like a CSD/CCP to hold positions.  In the spirit of 2023, this is going to be an implementation of Hyperledger Fabric.

Watch this space!