Fintech: Dignity in defeat

Recently I met with a former client and friend for lunch. He has been working on a Joint Venture and for various reasons, which are not relevant to this article, the investors have pulled the plug and are shutting it down.

Over lunch we had a long discussion about this and I was deeply impressed by his commitment to the staff of the JV to assist them with finding new roles. Not once did he mention anything he was looking to do next, his entire focus was on assisting his team in securing suitable new positions.

While many folks in fintech are “fintech bros” and are merely focussed on the series B, C, D, E etc. it was great to see such a selfless individual doing the right thing.

So I paid for lunch, least I could do…

Safe travels!


  1. There are some special people on this planet, nice to see him caring for others when the times get tough!


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