Fintech: Why you need thought leadership, not content-light marketing

Interesting article in The Economist of 27th June 2020 entitled "The New Admen".  One of the insights is 

"...the growing number of firms that only exist on the internet cannot easily cut online ads.  For them, digital advertising is "the new rent", says Mark Shmulik of Bernstein, a research firm. Online retailers save on physical shopfronts but must maintain a visible virtual presence, recession or not."

This is directly appropriate for Fintech firms. How many of them are on a cycle of spending money to win trade show awards, sponsoring conferences and paying for drinks receptions?

Yet surely the better way to market the firm is by publishing useful, actionable research that contributes to a body of knowledge within an industry vertical? Such as:

Consider that these questions are asked on a daily basis, and answered by this blog.  Then consider: what questions are answered by the marketing material your firm produces? 

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