SBE-FIXP-SOFH with Java and RabbitMQ

We have recently built an SBE-FIXP-SOFH framework in Java with AMQP and other interfaces, initial implementation using RabbitMQ.

As with QuickFIX/J we have used Apache Mina to abstract out some of the network interaction.

(1) Using a template based message workflow - as with SBE - will provide financial benefits to adopters.

  1. Reduction in size of messages due to no tag=value  == less bandwidth.
  2. Template based message description == reduction in time-to-market.
  3. Binary message format == less string manipulation at either end == reduction in compute requirements
  4. Binary message format == smaller messages == reduction in storage requirements
If you were managing a FIX Network or looking to provide connectivity services why would you still use tag=value?

(2) Combine that with FIX Orchestra and you now have

  1. Immediate time-to-market.
  2. FIX conformance testing can be automated, effectively as the last stage in a CI/CD pipeline.
  3. Roll-out a new trading algorithm to your clients (described in ATDL) on the same day as it goes live internally. 
This proprietary IP will be re-used for some interesting projects.

"Integration is differentiation"...


  1. Thanks, John for championing FIX high performance protocols and being a thought leader on Orchestra ("machine readable rules of engagement"). The standards are publicly accessible in GithHub under FIXTradingCommunity and demo code is open source.


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