FIX Trading Community - Membership update

New member firm joins the FIX Trading Community
Alignment Systems take on membership 'for services rendered'

In the late 1990s my then employer firm did a deal with Javelin Technologies to license the Coppelia engine.  That was my first introduction to FIX.  Later on I had the pleasure to work with and meet many of the trailblazers of FIX, including George Kledaras, John Cameron, Scott Atwell, Jim Northey, Hanno Klein, Sam Johnson and many more.  Much in the way an Oscar winner never thanks everyone, I am sure I have missed out many people with whom I have interacted over the years...

And now, following a lot of work with FIX Orchestra, the good folks at the FIX Trading Community have invited Alignment Systems to take on membership 'for services rendered'.

FIX Orchestra is, of course, the "full-stop at the end of FIX" and hopefully as Orchestra reaches maturity and wider adoption we reach the stage where "It becomes ubiquitous, easy to use and invisible."