2nd Investment Implementation Summit, Thursday March 28, 2019, Amora Hotel Jamison Sydney

15.10-15.50 Optimising alpha: increasing and measuring trader value-add

As trading functions become more and more automated, the ability of the trading function to ‘add value’ becomes increasingly important. This session will look beyond the technicalities of execution to discuss how you can equip your traders to add maximum value from an investment implementation and alpha generation perspective.

  • What technologies are available to enhance the skills of buyside traders and help identify short term alpha opportunities?
  • Streamlining communication and workflow productivity and further embedding the trading desk in the investment implementation process.
  • What are the latest techniques to measure improvements in trader performance and decision-based attribution?

Chief Executive Officer,
Alignment Systems

Senior Dealer - Global Equities & Fixed Income,
AMP Capital

Head of Australia & New Zealand,


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