Fintech: Product Management, feedback loops and OODA

Had an interesting conversation with a fintech recently.  They commented that they received a lot of enquiries from potential clients in the form of emails, phone calls, RFIs, RFPs, ITTs and so on.
I asked the first question I always ask in these circumstances:

"What do you do with that absolute goldmine of information of what your potential clients want?"

The people in the room looked somewhat sheepish before admitting that they simply put all the data onto a shared drive and then, in summary, never looked at it again.

At this point I launched into my OODA presentation and the virtue of feedback loops in UX, Product Management, Sales and Marketing...

Maxim: The best "free" product manager you will ever know is your client and prospective client, since they are the people who know best about what they want from your product.

Of course, this misses the quote attributed to Henry Ford, that if he asked his customers what they wanted, he would have given them faster horses.

Marry those opposed ideas into a consistent narrative and shazam - product management...