Barcelona Fixed Income Leaders Summit Day One, 14th October 2015

Attending the Barcelona Fixed Income Leaders Summit proved to be a very rewarding experience.A few things stood out...

Fixed Income execution venue space is still in the growth phase - there are more announcement and initiatives on the way.

Fixed Income execution venue space is also in the consolidation phase - the closure of Bondcube is not the last. M&A and running out of funds will claim more scalps...

buy-side OMS is (according to two senior buy-side traders speaking under Chatham House rules) effectively dead from the perspective of trading, it's just there as a booking system but adds no value to the trading process.  That's the realm of the EMS.

A crowded room of c. 100 buy-siders, sell-siders, execution venue and vendor staff estimate that after a shake out the 90 execution venues for Fixed Income will end up as being around 10.

The problem of 
buy-side desktop real estate is real and one that may require a sensible technical solution, rather like one proposed in 2008.

Many buy-sides(perhaps two thirds on a show of hands) have not put in place concrete efforts to deliver what is required for MIFID2.