Bloomberg Open Symbology, F2 & FIX Interactive Interface Definition Language - game-changer?

On this blog we've discussed the intersection of market data and FIX more than a few times (a list of links follows at the end).
An interesting conversation lead me to looking at the Bloomberg Open Symbology initiative. Essentially the model is one whereby Bloomberg allow firms to license their instrument dataset and use it within applications. So, that answers some of the problems that are raised in the earlier post ISIN+MIC is not enough.

For Bloomberg to do this is a pretty big change from their proprietary, walled-garden approach (it used to be all about the terminals) so of course this spurs further thought and consideration about how to use this.  Since a substantial use case for market data can be seen within the Order Management System (OMS), Execution Management System (EMS), Single Dealer Platform (SDP) and Multi Dealer Platform (MDP) this holds a lot of interest for me.

The recent start of the FIX Service Profile working group means that something along the lines of FIIDL will now come into being under the FIX umbrella.  This should be a welcome innovation that will reduce costs for all market participants once adoption is pushed into the exchange, sell-side and vendor communities.
The F2 initiative is another interesting way that large market participants and vendors are trying to improve interoperability.  The distinction is perhaps more my interpretation rather than explicit emphasis but F2 seems to be more client/browser/app side whereas BSYM is more about FIX connections and server-side.
Now, if you could take FIIDL, BYSM and F2 and combine them, you could really generate a paradigm shift for financial markets interoperability...

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