Fintech innovation: Buy-side OMS

Following a number of recent conversations I thought it would be useful to collate some content and formally propose some fintech projects that should happen.  This will be the first in a series of posts...
The modern buy-side OMS/EMS
The OMS world is typified by the usual suspects - see "The buy-side OMS, an appreciation part one... ".  The differences between an OMS and an EMS can be seen in "What's the difference between an EMS and an OMS?".  The integrated system combining OMS and EMS is discussed in "The OEMS, dead-end or an idea before it’s time?"
The new model of product offering needed can be seen in "The buy-side OMS, an appreciation part two..." and on the incredibly important compliance side in "Buy-side compliance systems: Still 20th Century technology?".
The changes to the Fixed Income trading model can be seen in "Fixed Income Trading: Buy-side desk of the near future?"
The pitfalls and costs of running this kit can be seen in "What does it cost to run a buy-side OMS and EMS environment?"
The value of the entire market is discussed in "What is the real-money, buy-side OMS market worth?"
In summary - a properly built, managed, sold, marketed and priced OMS/EMS for the real money institutional asset management industry would create a firm worth £1billion within four years of opening the doors to new business.