Excel 2016: I (still) want my VBA 15.10.0 and 15.11.2

Following on from an earlier post "Excel 2016 (Preview): I want my VBA.... :-(" I thought it was time to have another look at Excel 2016.

Looked at 15.10.0

The VBA editor is now visible but it performs no function as far as I can see unless you use a workaround as discovered and described by a reader on the previous post in the comment section "There is a workaround if you have the latest update. Record a macro from the sheet. A new module will then show up, and you can edit it further. No solution for inserting forms as far as I can see."

Tried with 15.11.2

Now the VBA editor will appear

But I cannot see how to add modules or anything else.

Come on Microsoft, put your back into it and get VBA working...