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Sunday, 5 April 2015

Excel VBA - industrialisation...Part Eleven "Enumerating OLEObjects"

If you have been following this series of posts you will have seen a lot of posts about enumerations:

The point of this part of the series is to show the diversity of the ecosystem that can exist around a single Excel spreadsheet and what is needed to manage that spreadsheet within a portfolio of '000s of other Excel spreadsheets within a large firm.
Here we are looking at OLE Objects.  OLE - "Object Linking and Embedding" was an integration technology that Microsoft advocated from the mid 1990s onwards.  As usual, the code for this is available on github.
To enumerate all OLE Objects within a Workbook: 
  1. Download the code from github
  2. Create a new Excel workbook with one worksheet
  3. Save the new workbook as an xlsm format workbook
  4. Enter the VBA editor
  5. Import the module you just downloaded from github
  6. Execute the "EntryPointListOLEObjects" method and look in the debug window
  7. [Optional] Add more worksheets to the workbook you created and more OLE Objects and see how they are listed in the debug window
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