FIX Testing and Certification: Software market overview...

I had written this post last week.  With the news that CameronTec had acquired LaSalleTech I've had to rewrite...

[Disclosure: For all of the firms in tier one (and some in tier two and three) I know the CEO, CTO and the guys at the coalface doing the work. As such, this post will respect the policy of no "naming and shaming" for this blog. Comments will be moderated if they fail to respect that policy.]

Tier One
The tier one firms are the big players in the market that offer a mature toolset.  Not all are created equal and there are specific sweet spots for each vendor.
  1. CameronTec now owns three toolsets - legacy Greenline (Verifix, Certifix,Verifix Test Pilot) and legacy LaSalleTech (FIXConductor, FIX Technician CTS) and legacy AurionPro/E2E InfoTech (fixPro)
  2. FIXSpec Central
  3. Esprow Nozomi  
  4. JetTek FIXTester
  5. Flyer Ignition (they bought Tepin in 2008)
  6. Tradepoint Certpoint and Simpoint  The Tradepoint team is comprised of a number of the folks from Aegisoft which was acquired by ThomsonReuters.
Tier Two
Some more firms out there that are perhaps not as mature in terms of their market presence:
  1. FIX8 - website mentions testing but not well documented
  2. Cynapps IntelliOMS, IntelliFIX, IntelliBroker, IntelliEMS and FIXCompare.
Tier Three

Firms that maybe were in the market but don't appear active:

  1. DDR Applications DFIX.  Website looks like a work-in-progress
  2. Ullink via acquiring NYFIX also acquired the TransactTools business and ttCert.
  3. Cap Gemini FIX Protocol Testing Accelerator - The website looks untouched since 2010 and refers to Aegisoft as an independent firm.
  4. GoodCore Software FIX Simulator - Website was written by a non-native English speaker and has not been updated since 2013.
  5. FIXSol NINTEI  - Website was written by a non-native English speaker and has not been updated since 2013.
  6. FIXimulator - FIX simulator - website untouched since 2009. By Zoltan Feledy.