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Monday, 22 August 2016

Fintech agile Sales, Marketing, Product Strategy and Devops model

Following on from an interesting conversation, this is an diagram depicting my view of the processes needed for a Fintech to thrive while bringing a product to market. 

Note that the curved arrows are the classic two point feedback loop model of Product Strategy<>DevOps<>Marketing<>Sales.  The innovation here is the addition of two straight arrows - Product Strategy<>Marketing and Sales<>DevOps

Why does this matter?
  • Sales must generate feedback to Product Strategy and DevOps, so that new features can be build based upon market feedback rather than "Ivory Tower" development.
  • Marketing needs to understand the intent of Product Strategy rather than what has been delivered so far from development.
  • Filtering in information flow is inversely related to success
  • Bias confirmation in decision making is inversely related to success
  • "No monopoly on brains and no monopoly on bullsh*t"


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